We Can’t Do It Without You!

as of 0905.16: 19 tickets sold
60 needed to make rent

“Love. You can learn all the math in the ‘Verse, but you take a boat in the air that you don’t love,
she’ll shake you off just as sure as the turning of the worlds. Love keeps her in the air when
she oughta fall down, tells you she’s hurtin’ ‘fore she keels. Makes her a home.”
– Captain Mal Reynolds, Serenity


First, thank you for being here. I don’t say that lightly, this really wouldn’t be happening without you. Whether you’re just finding out about Firefly or you’re a veteran fan, this event is a way to connect with your fellow Browncoats, see our beloved Serenity on the big screen, and just have fun. Regardless of love though, your ticket is what is bringing this event to life.


The Kentucky Theater is allowing us use of their smaller, 320-seat State theater. Rent will be due two weeks prior to the event in mid-September, so we need to sell roughly 60 tickets in the next couple weeks or the whole thing is a no-go. That’s right, without advanced sales we won’t have an event. So spread the word far and wide, and encourage your friends, family, and other fans to consider getting their tickets now because, let’s face it, Serenity on the big screen is what dreams are made of for us fans.


Aside from us getting to see it ::cheer:: we’ve got two charities to raise money for. All 100% of the profits are going to: Equality Now, an international human rights organization for women and children, and Lexington’s own Arbor Youth Services which provides multiple programs for at-risk youth and their families including a drop-in shelter.


This year we’re just getting started so it’s fairly easy. We have a wishlist of needs and expenses to cover, the first of which is our theater rental which has to be met by September 12th. If you’re interested in helping, and God bless, you can reach me direct via email. Sponsors get pretty decent perks and I’m more than happy to discuss options from taking care of items on our list or making a direct donation on our behalf. I’m hoping to make this an annual, much bigger event, and have some things in the works, so drop me a note and let’s brainstorm!


Thanks for listening, thanks for being here, and thanks for spreading the word to the corners of the ‘verse. I’m looking forward to meeting all of you and watching Serenity break atmo!

Stay shiny and keep flyin’,
– – –
Ana Maria Selvaggio, Renmeleon
fka Captain Nyorissa Kel, Jiu Hai Shen
Leader of the Kentucky Browncoats


And we are a GO GO GO!!!

Ticketing is live and we only have 320 tickets available for this one night only chance to see our beloved SERENITY on the big screen in all her glory.


This is a CSTS event, which means 100% of the profits for this event is going to charity. More information about our charities for this event can be found here: Equality Now and Arbor Youth Services in Lexington.

The Jiu Hai Shen, RL

A Wave from the ‘Verse:

My original exposure to Firefly was a DVD set we received in the mail. Someone we knew in Star Wars Galaxies (MMO) back in the day was addicted to the show and had bought several DVD sets to gift to friends in the hopes we’d all be hooked as well. Big. Friggin. Understatement.

We fell in love with the language of the show, the cast, the ‘used future’ feel, and renewed our love for Joss Whedon. There was nothing quite like it. It was new, refreshing, and…cancelled? What do you mean this is the only season…?!! Devasted, we found out the follow up movie, Serenity, was coming out in the next year and we shifted our focus to a more hopeful temperament. It will forever be ‘too soon’ though. Yup, it’s ‘just’ a TV show, but what it stands for is awesome (and a whole other conversation in itself).

Fast forward about 10 years. My family and I moved from Florida to Kentucky in early May 2016, and I’d connected with the “Kentuckiana Browncoats” on Facebook. I took over as admin in order to kickstart the group and changed the name to the Kentucky Browncoats, setting us up as a Kentucky-only group as Indiana had started their own. The next steps were to set us up on social media, build our home in the virtual ‘verse, and start networking.

I’ve worked in and around books and the publishing industry for most of my life. I’m an avid reader and a huge fan of zines, aka handmade magazines. I recently taught two classes locally in Berea – one with the Berea Writers Circle, and one at Herb & Willow – and was involved with the Kentucky Fried Zine Fest (which was a blast), so I had it in my head to incorporate my love of Firefly with my love of zines and passion for creative action.

The Wine Dark Sea was inspired by a piece my husband had contributed to an art project I’d run years ago (image below) inspired by a line from Homer’s Odyssey: “And now have I put in here, as thou seest, with ship and crew, while sailing over the wine-dark sea to men of strange speech…”. From there, Wine Dark Sea was translated into Chinese where it became the Jiu Hai Shen (jwee-hi-shaen).

The crew of the Jiu Hai Shen is comprised of our Thursday night gaming group writing as our fictional characters on our fictional ship:

Captain Nyorissa Kel, myself
Syrus Gedron, my husband
Bella Dogden, my daughter
Shaemus McCrae, my ex-husband

For now, we’re just a little zine flying shiny in the deep black….can’t stop the Signal. Hope you’ll come along for the ride, it promises to be a fun one.

Still flyin,
Ana Maria Selvaggio, Renmeleon
fka (Firefly known as) Captain Nyorissa Kel