Know what keeps us flyin’? You.

“Love. You can learn all the math in the ‘Verse, but you take a boat in the air that you don’t love,
she’ll shake you off just as sure as the turning of the worlds. Love keeps her in the air when
she oughta fall down, tells you she’s hurtin’ ‘fore she keels. Makes her a home.”
– Captain Mal Reynolds, Serenity


First, thank you for being here. I don’t say that lightly, this really wouldn’t be happening without you. Whether you’re just finding out about Firefly or you’re a veteran fan, our events are a way to connect with your fellow Browncoats, help others, and just have fun. For all of our events, buying advanced tickets are the best kind of love you can show us aside from donating directly. It’s not all take take take, though…

There are several ways you or your Kentucky-based business can help a Kentucky-based nonprofit spread the Firefly love and help other Kentucky-based nonprofits. Here are just a few examples of specific ways you can advertise with us. Our more specific group needs list is included as well. Funding received from advertising goes to the Kentucky Browncoats to cover expenses, so that 100% of our ticket sales can go directly to our charities. Our Serenity screening in particular supports Equality Now and one Kentucky-based 501c3. Any advertising funds received over our expenses, goes to making our events fabulous. You can also donate directly via www.paypal.me/KYBrowncoats.


Currently accepting ads for our SERENITY screening playbill in September! If interested in any of the following, please drop me an email.


Events Used: All

Pre-event, our posters are designed to share the love with our advertisers. Our posters are full color in two sizes, 11″x17″ and a smaller, more prolific half-sheet size. Our 11″x17″ posters are fan favorites to buy and we have sold out of them in the past.

Payment* and high res, camera-ready files are due two months prior to the event so please plan accordingly.

ADDED VALUE ALERT: For our Serenity event in particular you get an extra bonus! If you buy a double-page ad in our playbill zine, your logo is added to the poster automatically.


Events Used: Our annual Serenity screenings.

Our half-sheet playbill for our annual Serenity event is a zine aka handmade magazines full of coupon codes from our sponsors, group and charity information, a coloring page or game, a teaser for our crew zine, and YOUR ad! Our playbill makes the perfect souvenir for our attendees (we didn’t find a single one left behind or in the trash when we cleaned up afterwards). If you or your company would like to be put directly in front of 340 potential customers, please contact me via email for the exact specs.

Payment* and high res, camera-ready files are due two months prior to the event so please plan accordingly.


Events Used: Dinner events

We have two dinner events planned for this year and we are looking for advertisers to share our tables with! If you would like to have your logo featured on one of our dining tables, please contact me via email for the exact specs.

Payment* and high res, camera-ready files are due a minimum of one week prior to the event so please plan accordingly.


We have a wishlist of needs and expenses to cover throughout the year. If you’re interested in helping, and God bless, you can reach me direct via email or donate directly* via PayPal. Sponsors get advertising perks through social media and will be remembered as we grow moving forward. I’m also more than happy to discuss long term support, so let’s brainstorm. And, rest assured, we do our best to buy local first to support Kentucky’s economy! We have a local printer (Richmond) and a screenprinter (Berea) working with us.

  • Theater rental (500.00) and licensing (300.00) for our annual Serenity screening event.
  • Playbill printing (328.00 for 350 printed, folded, stapled) for our annual Serenity screening event.
  • Table tents (30.00) for our dinner events (August and October 2017).
  • KYBrowncoats buttons (110.00 for 400) for all our events.
  • CSTS 2017 patches (200.00 for 100) for our annual Serenity screening event.
  • Patches designed by Renmeleon for various events like our semi-monthly Browncoat Bowling event in Richmond.
  • Firefly/Serenity swag for raffles and giveaways. Always accepting monetary donations as well as merchandise, preferably Firefly and Whedon fandom related.
  • Cosplay contest trophies or prizes.

*Where possible, please either pay the fee on your end and send it as a “gift” so that PayPal does not deduct a fee from your donation.


Thank you for being here and for spreading the word to the corners of the ‘verse. I’m looking forward to meeting all of you at our events and gatherings!

Stay shiny and keep flyin’,
– – –
Ana Maria Selvaggio
fka Captain Nyorissa Kel, Jiu Hai Shen
Leader of the Kentucky Browncoats
aka Renmeleon