SHIP’S ROSTER: JIU HAI SHEN (jwee-hi-shaen)
The Jiu Hai Shen is our home on the Wine Dark Sea, been in the air a few months now. Findin’ ourselves in new territory, we’re makin’ connections and securin’ work. I, Captain Nyorissa Kel, keep the crew together. Bella, our mechanic, keeps us in the air when Sanchez, our pilot, doesn’t fly us into Alliance territory. We’re lookin’ for someone to keep us legitimate. We’re pickin up our medical personnel soon, so in the meantime, we just have to keep Shaemus from getting us into trouble while he’s watchin’ our backs. Don’t need Syrus, our Shepherd, to have anyone to be prayin’ over ‘fore we’re back in the air.

ZINE: On the Wine Dark Sea can be found here.

If you’re in the air or on the ground in Kentucky on Earth That Was, and looking’ for a home to claim, we’ve got room.
Drop by the group
, or if you aren’t there send us a wave, and we’ll add you to the roster.