Our Corner of the ‘Verse

Kentucky, within the United States of Earth That Was, is our claimed home on the ground. All within are welcome sanctuary as long as they mind themselves. We’re not lookin’ for trouble, most of the time. So come and sit, bring your rations, there’s room ‘nough for all passengers and work to be had.

The Ship and her Crew

The JIU HAI SHEN [ jwee-hi-shaen ] is our home on the Wine Dark Sea. This crew has been in the air for a few months now, but she’s been flying for years. Finding ourselves in new territory, we’re making connections and securing work. Captain Nyorissa Kel ties us together. Bella Dogden keeps us in the air when Kirk Sanchez doesn’t fly us into Alliance territory. We’re still in need of medical, and someone to help open legitimate doors for us, but we’ll find it soon enough. In the meantime, we just have to keep Shaemus McRae from getting us into trouble while he’s watchin’ our backs.



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