Them There Independents!

A huge salute to all 86 of my Browncoats at the time of this post, you rock! We’re 14 away from have 100 members and I’m thrilled to see all of you. Our events are growing – we had 15 bowlers at our last Browncoat Bowling – and I’m expanding our events to continue us forward. Thank you all so much for being here, for supporting our events, and for just being so gorram cool.

Here’s a few updates…


Our 2nd Annual CSTS screening of SERENITY is scheduled for Thursday, September 13th this year. Over 200 of you shiny lovelies represented last year and it’s my mission for us to sell out this year and use our zine to cover expenses so that we can donate an even bigger 100% of the proceeds to our two charities. Per CSTS requirement, we are donating 75% to Equality Now, but this year the remaining 25% is going to Military Missions based in Lexington, KY. To snag a patch (pictured right) before they are all gone, drop me a note with: How many you want, your postal mailing address, and then PayPal 10.00 for each patch to (same email) cantstopserenity at gmail dot com (please cover the 3% fee) and as soon as I have them in my shiny little hands I’ll mail them out.


This 4th of July you’ll want to come watch the Lexington 4th of July Festival and see us in the parade! We’re teaming up with Cosplay for a Cause, a newly formed network joining the forces of the Western Kentucky Ghostbusters, the 501st’s MidSouth Garrison/Blue Sun Squad and our own Kentucky Browncoats as the Featured “Santa” spot at the the end of the parade. The parade starts at 2pm and if you come early, you can catch a movie at the Kentucky Theater and get out in time to snag a viewing spot. Renmeleon, aka our leader Captain Nyorissa Kel, is showing An American Tale on the big screen as a fundraiser at 10am and 12noon! Bring the kids and come for the day. there’s lots going on.


Like to camp? I’m looking into booking us an outing this fall when the weather cools back down at Homegrown Hideaways. If you enjoy the outdoors, even if it’s ‘glamping’, you won’t want to miss this one. My goal is campfire nights under the stars with a guitar or two, Browncoats getting to know each other a little better, and just a break from the daily. Tents, yurts, a tipi, hammocks may be involved so stock up on your camping gear. We aim to misbehave like this at least once a year, so if you’re interested in making this an annual 3-day event (shiny new patches included in the cost) please help me spread the word! We’ve raised 200.00 so far, but we need to put a 500.00 deposit down by July 4th to reserve the October 6-8th date. If you can help, anything you can toss in (use cantstopserenity at gmail dot com) would be awesome!

As always, I appreciate you!

Keepin’ her in the air,
Captain Kel





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