Bailing wire and bubblegum

Been a couple months since I’ve sent a wave, nearin’ a middle on the technical troubles, but we’re here and still flyin’…


Earlier this month we started an episodic trek every month to go through the series. We’re meeting from 7pm to 9pm above the Fudge shop in the Old Town section of Berea off Broadway if’n you’re in the neighborhood. Check out the event page on Facebook if you’re interested and remember to RSVP.


Need a Browncoats & Bourbon kinda night? Save the date then! April 15th, 2017 (rescheduled) there’s a Shindig coming up in Lexington at Shakespeare & Co. on Short Street downtown. Beats worrying about your taxes. Dancing, buffet, and cash bar as well as a special choreographed performance of the dance from Shindig (the episode) by the Lexington Vintage Dancers. We’ll have a caller and ::fingers crossed:: live music. Tickets are 60.00 per person or couples for 100.00 – Save 20.00 and bring a partner, friend, or Big Damn Hero! We’re going to try to put together a pre-Shindig gathering for anyone wanting to learn the dances. Dance or not, come enjoy the show, the food, and the company! Always nice to meet more Browncoats!


Ana Maria Selvaggio of Renmeleon (me) is going to teach a writers workshop on Character Development as part of our search for crews. Also known as Captain Nyorissa Kel, Ria has been a writer and author for over 30 years working in and around the publishing industry on and off since the mid 80s. More TBA.


The Jiu Hai Shen is a little short on crew for the zine. Writer? Wanna? We’re looking for a Companion-type and someone a little psychic for personnel.


Found a local source for patches and am throwing together a few ideas. Our logo(s) and Browncoat Bowling will be the first ones. If you collect, keep an eye out!


We’ll be underway soon with both our YahooGroup email list as well as our newsletter. I’ve got my backup desktop PC working so I’m able to finish setting everything up.


As always, couldn’t do this without you. Thank you for being here!



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