TRAIN JOB 2020 | Virtual Edition

Calling all Browncoats! We’re doing it again! The Kentucky Browncoats is pulling their 3rd Annual TRAIN JOB. Open to all no matter where in the ‘verse you call home, this year’s event is being held virtually and is designed exclusively for the Kentucky Browncoats by Renmeleon.

Tickets are 75.00 per person and includes six (6) whodunit mailings (email and snail mail) as well as a final pre-Christmas swag box.

This schedule will be updated as things are modified. Dates below locations...


The Captain has canceled all in-person events for 2020 in order to keep the crew safe and sound. All clear will be called when it’s safe. Till then, can’t stop the signal…

Train Job tickets go on sale October 10th.
Virtual Halloween Party

Captain’s Birthday Zoom
Virtual Thanksgiving

Dec 1-25th Digital Firefly Advent on Patreon
Virtual Yule / Christmas

CONVENTIONS | Dates for 2020 have been canceled unless virtual
We’re looking forward to rejoining our community in person at conventions again once the ‘verse is safe. Our

Can’t stop the signal

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Our Past Events

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